Online game "Battle Oasis"

Battle Oasis

"Battle Oasis", "FGR Game" LLC online game overview
Multiplayer online game "Battle Oasis" relating to the genre of Interactive fiction, but we will not be limited to this genre. In the future, the game will get an open world and over time, will grow into a full-fledged MMORPG.
The period in which the action of our game - the Middle Ages. At each stage of character evolution, the player will be waiting for fascinating stories and quests, colorful landscapes, interesting characters, as well as exciting battles. At the first stage of the game, users will be available classic pvp-battles 1×1, and with each major upgrade we will add new modes, group, clan, open world, battlegrounds, etc. In the end, royal battles and battles for castles and territories will be waiting for you. The hero will have to solve a lot of riddles and secrets of the game world, pass a series of tests, learn a craft, build your own or take over someone else's castle and many other adventures and tasks in the ever evolving game world.
The game has unexpected plot twists and atmospheric humor. Your hero can find powerful artifacts and use them to hit an enemies in battle. Of course, this game requires a well-developed economy. In this case the players will be able to make a huge contribution to its development, because to create NFT-collections for the game, will be able not only the developers, but also the users. Players will be available auction houses, banks, game flea markets, casinos, NFT-marketplace, and real estate can be not only the subject of battles, but also profitable deals. You will be able to acquire unique in-game items in the form of NFT tokens and profit from their sale outside of the game.
As you progress through the game, you'll be able to profit in the form of cryptocurrency, which you can convert into fiat money.
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