Online game "Battle Oasis"


stages of the creation of the "Battle Oasis"


In this first step the team comes up with a concept of the game, and carries out the initial work on the game design. The main goal of this stage is the game design documentation, which includes Vision (a detailed document describing the game as a final business product) and Concept Document (the initial elaboration of all aspects of the game).
In the product documentation, the game designer formulates and stores his or her ideas. The product documentation allows the tester to properly understand his tasks to implement the product. The tester clearly sees what to test and how to test it. For the Producer this documentation provides material for making plans and controlling tasks. As for the Investor (especially at early stages) he gets the understanding of what he allocates resources for.

2. Prototyping.

An important stage in the design of any game is prototyping. What looks good "on paper" won't necessarily be interesting in reality. A prototype is used to evaluate the basic gameplay, to test various hypotheses, to test the game mechanics, to check the key technical moments.

3. Vertical Slice.

The aim of the Vertical Slice is to get the minimum possible full version of the game, which includes the fully realized core gameplay process.

4. Content production.

On this stage sufficient amount of content is produced for the first launch for external audience. All the features planned for closed beta testing are implemented. This is the most time-consuming stage.

5. Friends & Family / CBT (closed beta testing)

At the CBT stage the product is demonstrated to a fairly wide audience for the first time, though loyal to the product or company.

6. Soft Launch / OBT (open beta test).

At this stage continues testing of the game, but already for a wide audience. There is optimization for large loads. The game should be ready for receiving large traffic. The game is implemented billing and payments are accepted.

7. Release .

End of 2023/beginning of 2024.
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