Free distribution of coins


  1. Download and install on your phone or laptop 👛Metamask Wallet https://metamask.io

  2. Select BNB Smart Chain Network "Settings" ➡️ "Networks" ➡️ "Add Network" ➡️ "BNB Smart Chain"

  3. We return to the main screen, from the bottom "Import tokens" ➡️ "Custom token"

Copy and paste our token into the first line


⬇️ "Token Address"

Presses "Import". - "User Token"


Go to the main screen, click the "Get" button

Copy the address by clicking on the "Copy" button

Go to the channel and write the wallet number, during the day you will receive tokens in your account.

After placing the token on the exchange, you can sell them on the exchange at the current rate or leave them on the wallet to sell at a higher rate

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