Online game "Battle Oasis"

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An overview or what we're working on
The online game "Battle Oasis" is a large meta universe with both PVP and PVE content, resource extraction within the game and with the ability to create NFT objects (such as real estate, decor, tools, goods, weapons and other ammunition). Each NFT-object created will be unique. Renowned design studios and fashion houses will be involved to create interior and décor designs. The processes of buying and selling things created by players during the game will take place through an in-game auction system, well known to users of modern MMORPGs. It should be noted that character development implies a conscious choice by the player. And this applies not only to the choice of character class and craft. In "Battle Oasis" players will be able to choose their own astral or, in a sense, spiritual development. It's about choosing a character's side of the force. The side of the force will be an integral part of the character - it is his Essence.

There are four types of Character Essence available in the game


Gray Essence The player gets this essence by default when creating a character in the game. Later on, by doing certain things in the game, completing certain quests and making the right choices in game quests and events, the character's essence will change, acquiring one of the three sides.


Dark Essence will be possessed by characters who choose the side of darkness. Such characters will receive more bonuses at night and have certain bonuses and privileges from certain NPC factions.


Light essence will be possessed by supporters of all things light and good. They get more bonuses during the daytime and have certain bonuses and privileges from certain NPC factions.


Neutral essence will be possessed by characters who do not share the interests of the dark or light forces. Such characters have no time of day bonuses, but find more understanding and trust from NPCs such as law enforcers, bank clerks and merchants.
Who to be? The choice of the essence of the character is mandatory, because it affects the gameplay. For example, things for the dark side, are not available for the "light" characters and, accordingly, vice versa. Also, the "dark" craftsman will not be able to create "light" items. And neutral characters will not be able to get bonuses from items for the light or dark side, however, "neutral" items will have the best basic characteristics.


The economy of the game is based on the constant desire of players to earn both in-game and real money. The simplest, most understandable and accessible in-game currency is gold coins. This approach can be found in many modern games, and therefore it does not need a special introduction. Gold can be earned by completing tasks, exploring PVE content and selling found or created items. Since the economic model of the game is the so-called Play2Earn model (play to earn), the game introduced a special token - TokenBank (TNK). TNK is a token of the BEP20 standard and is built on the Binance Smart Chain network.

How users will earn in the game:

Player-to-Player (PVP) battles - for every battle won, the player will be rewarded with tokens. He will be able to spend them to enhance his character, buy things or exchange them for real money. Fighting with monsters (PVE) - before going into a cave, the player will be given a task, the completion of which he receives a certain reward, it can be in-game currency TokenBank, NFT - things, new lands, a license to activities, resources, materials, any other ammunition or attributes. Creation of objects in the game - The licensed player will be able to open his own business to create in-game items for players. To do this he will need to buy ingredients and materials obtained by other players in the caves. Central Bank - a building, a place in the location where the player can control his savings, check the balance, make deposits and receive interest.


An important gaming element of the game where players gather under one flag, charter, banner and can defend their interests in wars with other clans where their honour has been hurt or insulted. Clans will have their own coffers in game currency, the ability to use the game items of their fellow clansmen. Can help their friends if they are attacked in the game location or in combat. Can create joint trips to dungeons for resource extraction, etc.