Online game "Battle Oasis"


Long ago, when people lived in peace and harmony with themselves and the world around them, there was a power that kept the world in balance. Four Chosen Ones were called to the kingdom to maintain that balance. Three of them wanted to bestow knowledge and power on all people. But the soul of the fourth, was consumed by a dark force that caused him to take the path of destruction. Terrible deeds he committed in search of power, and always the dark force accompanied him. Many heroes laid down their heads trying to tame him and prevent the destruction of the world. Only by sacrificing themselves were three able to defeat the fourth and imprison his essence in a magical amulet. For a long time amulet of the four runes was a royal relic, and passed from generation to generation, until in one bloody war was not lost. Then for many centuries the great powers left this world. One day, what was lost will return to the world splintered and the world will fall into chaos. Then the fate of the world will be in the hands of the Chosen One, and it will be in his power to destroy the world or give it prosperity.
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