🏦Token Bank

Token for "Battle Oasis" ecosystem online game

TokenBank - play and get the most real cryptocurrency token Want to start investing in cryptocurrency, but don't know how to start? Start by earning a TNK token in our game. Now the game is not only a pleasant pastime, but also earning real money! In addition, you can invest your real money in our token, especially at the initial stage of the project, because it is extremely profitable. As practice shows, game tokens increase in value by hundreds and even thousands of times, after the release of the game itself. TokenBank was created in the Binance Smart Chain ecosystem and is a BEP20 standard token. It is easy to buy and sell on any decentralized exchange, such as PancakeSwap.

A total of 1,000 million tokens have been issued 850 million of which are for free sale. This token is used in the "Battle Oasis" in-game economy. It provides the sale/purchase of unique NFT items, lands and properties, clan creation, etc. Token can be purchased on the exchange or received in-game for special tasks and merits or in the form of fees for being within your land domain. BT tokens can also be used to buy special boosters for quicker character upgrades, unique clothing and weapon skins, personalization packs, etc.

Buying TNK tokens now, you are making a good investment in your comfort and prosperity in the game, as well as in the real world. Since all game resources bought for tokens can be put up for sale on various NFT-marketplaces, and the token itself is constantly growing in value.

What is the difference between TokenBank and other tokens?

The benefit of a token holder is in the logic of a smart contract:

  1. The smart contract cannot be changed.

  2. The funds of all participants are securely protected from theft by anyone.

  3. All participants who bought TokenBank (TNK) on the decentralized exchange are not allowed to sell more than 7,5% of the token purchase per month. On the TokenBank website, the calculator will tell you exactly the number of tokens ready for sale. This protection applies to all holders without exception and is created intentionally, to accumulate funds on the smart contract in order to increase the liquidity of the token.

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