Online game "Battle Oasis"

Our team

Creating modern games requires a lot of skills and knowledge, so, as a rule, game studios consist of a lot of people.
The team includes programmers, writers, designers, artists and many others. Creating a game is a very time-consuming process. Our goal is to implement all of today's technology into a grand, useful project, where we will show how to properly use all of the developments for the benefit of society and people. We did not raise money from people and give them false hopes, as most projects do. We launched a smart contract of the future banking system of the game, where everyone is equal.
Developers and users work on the same rules. We can already say with confidence that the BankToken created by us will benefit everyone who has already bought and who will buy tokens in the future, thus helping us to implement our common project to the fullest extent. We hope for your support and we are sure that we have chosen the right path.
After all, if users are happy, we will get the proper reward and support from you. The more people in the project, the higher everyone's income, which means your financial independence will help you realize your dreams and plans. Now everyone can sleep peacefully - no one can steal your money as it is reliably protected by blockchain and the principle of decentralized finance.
Last modified 5mo ago