Character classes in the "Battle Oasis"


Versatile class. Swordsman can get the fastest loot in the caves, strongest blow with a chance to ignore the armor of the enemy. Can deal 2-3 times more damage than any other player. Type of Weapon - Sword, shield. Profile skill - Intuition.


The most dangerous class. Extremely difficult to hit in battle, constantly dodging, parry blows, often counterattacks in response. Type of Weapon - Daggers, knives, knuckles. Proficiency - Dexterity.


The most protected class. Very high health, powerful armor, clumsy, but stays in the fight the longest. Ability to wield a shield, which gives him three zones to protect against enemy attacks. One more than any other class. Weapon type - Hammer, Mace, Spear, Shield. Proficiency - Stamina.


The richest class. Able to create weapons, elixirs, and armor. Can sharpen weapons and repair ammunition. Creates engravings. All types of trading operations are available to him. Can hold separate buildings and lands. Do not participate in battles, need protection, the profile skill - Intelligence.


Powerful and expensive class. The first strikes in battle, can paralyze the enemy, can restore the health of the team or individual players during combat. Mages of 4 elements will be created - Fire, Water, Earth, Air. Mages of each element will have their own characteristics. Weapon type - Staff, books, scrolls. Profile skill - Wisdom.

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