Online game "Battle Oasis"


Clans are communities of players with a common goal in the game or life.

Clans are groupings of players into small groups. Each clan, like a player, has its own essence - light, dark, gray or neutral. For example, a clan with a light essence accepts only players with the corresponding essence. CLAN RULING FORMS


Clan Head may be elected by voting. There can be more than one Clan Head, in which case the type of governance is called "Council". Clan heads may not throw each other out of the clan.


Clan head is not replaceable and is not elected by vote. Clan head can pass the management of the clan to his relative - husband or wife. Also the clan head can make his relatives his co-rulers.
Attention: the type of government can't be changed after the registration procedure is over!
Clans take part in wars with other clans. Each clan battle will bring the clan treasury TokenBank (TNK).
Clans can own lands, buildings, artifacts which are inherent to their propensity.
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